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Norwegian links

Online dictionaries:
Bokmålsordboka/Nynorskordboka - Official Bokmål and Nynorsk dictionary
Norsk ordbok - Dictionary for Norwegian dialectal words
The free dictionary - Norwegian Bokmål dictionary
Tritrans - Norwegian-English-Spanish dictionary - English-Norwegian-English dictionary
Etranslator - English-Norwegian-English dictionary

Norwegian verbs:
Common Norwegian verbs
238 Norwegian verbs (PDF)
Verbix - Norwegian verb conjugator
Cooljugator - Norwegian verb conjugator

Read Norwegian:
VG - The most read Norwegian newspaper
Dagbladet - Another newspaper
Aftenposten - And yet another

Norwegian radio:
NRK - Radio - Choose one of the channels in the menu "Nettradio"

Info about Norway: - News, information and a lot more
CIA World Factbook - Norway
Lonely Planet's guide to Norway
Statistics Norway

News from Norway in English:
Norway Post - A Norwegian newspaper in English
Aftenposten English version - One of the main newspapers in Norway