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Lesson 1 - 1

Your first words

So here we are. The tutorial has started!

When you come to Norway it will always be pleasant to know this:

Yes, the meaning is what you've already figured out: "Hi!"

There are also several other words you can use when you meet a Norwegian. Here are two other greetings:

Hallo Hello
God dag "Good day"

You might have discovered already that this isn't as difficult as you thought before you started. These words are almost totally similar to the English words!

It's also useful to know what to say when you're leaving:

Ha det! Bye!
Ha det bra! Goodbye!

So now you know how to start and end a conversation. Here are some other essential words:

Ja Yes
Nei No
Takk Thank you
Unnskyld Sorry / Excuse me

Hvordan går det? How is it going?
Det går bra It's going fine

Now, spend a little time on learning the phrases we have seen so far. They are all good to know, so try not to forget them.

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