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Lesson 1 - 3

Your first verb

"Something even easier?" But the header says "verb"?! Verbs aren't easy!

Your first surprise! The easy thing is, believe it or not: verbs!

The first verb you are going to learn is the most frecuent one: to be.

But tell me now: Why is it so easy?

If you are one of those who have struggled themselves through heavy verb conjugation tables in the French or German classes or whatever, your fear of verbs is understandable. You have probably been thinking: "Why have they been so stupid that they have invented 6 different forms of each verb in each tense? Wouldn't it be enough to have one form for each tense?"
Here is what you've been waiting for! In Norwegian that's exactly how it is. Take a look at the table of the verb to be in the present tense:

å være (to be)

jeg er I am
du er you are
han er
hun er
det / den er
he is
she is
it is
vi er we are
dere er you (pl.) are
de er they are

As you see, the verb in Norwegian looks the same through the whole column. That makes it 6 times easier to learn a verb in Norwegian than in most other languages!