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Lesson 1 - 4

More verbs

We're going to learn a few more verbs. Here are two new ones:

å snakke (to speak/talk)

jeg snakker I speak
du snakker you speak
han snakker
hun snakker
det / den snakker
he speaks
she speaks
it speaks
vi snakker we speak
dere snakker you (pl.) speak
de snakker they speak

å hete (to be called)

jeg heter I am called
du heter you are called
han heter
hun heter
det / den heter
he is called
she is called
it is called
vi heter we are called
dere heter you (pl.) are called
de heter they are called

The first verb you learnt, "å være" (to be), is one of the very few irregular verbs in Norwegian. "Å hete" and "å lære" are regular. You can probably easily figure out the conjugation rule, which we will give a special name:

The golden rule: To conjugate a verb in the present tense, you simply add -r to the end of it!

Probably you've also noticed that "å" is always in front of a verb in the infinitive. It's called "the infinitive marker". In English the infinitive marker is "to" (for instance "to be").

It's unnecessary to use a big table for each verb, so from now on we'll just present the verbs like this; in the first column you find the English translation, the infinitive form is in the second column, and the present tense form is shown in the third one:

to be å være er
to speak / talk å snakke snakker
to be called å hete heter

Here are two more verbs:

to learn å lære lærer
to live å bo bor

Remember, learn all the new verbs before proceeding to the next page.

In the top right corner of the page you'll now find a new button: When you click it there will pop up a list of all the words you have learnt so far. You may click it whenever you want, for instance when you do exercises, if there is something you have forgotten. To update the list after moving to a new lesson, you'll have to click the button again.