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Lesson 1 - 5

Let's make a sentence

It's time to make our first sentence. The sentences in Norwegian are normally built up like in English: Subject–Verb–Object.

We'll use the words from the tiny vocabulary to the right to write this:

in i
from fra
Norway Norge
Norwegian norsk

I live in Norway
Jeg bor i Norge

Yep, that's how it is. Let's see if we can figure out how to tell someone our name:

I "am called" ...
Jeg heter ...

Now it's your turn! Try to translate the sentences below from English into Norwegian. You can use the small vocabulary from this page and the verbs you already know. Type the sentence in the box and click "Vis svar" ("Show answer") to check if it's right. The correct sentence will appear in green to the right.

I learn Norwegian.  
You (singular) live in Norway.  
He is from Norway.  
We speak Norwegian.  

If you typed all of them correctly you have reason to be proud. You have made your first sentences in Norwegian, and you have also showed that you haven't been sleeping throughout the lesson. We proceed...

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