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Lesson 1 - 6


The next thing we're going to learn is to make questions in Norwegian.

To make a question there is one thing you have to do: Switch the order of the subject and the verb. An example explains this better than anything else:

Du bor i Norge. = You live in Norway.
Bor du i Norge? = Do you live in Norway?

This is not difficult, but it's important to remember! Otherwise you'll sound like a brother of Tarzan. Also in English you change the word order in questions in some cases (ex: "Are you there?").

Some questions also include a question word, of course. Here you have them all:

Hva? What?
Hvorfor? Why?
Hvem? Who?
Hvor? Where?
Hvordan? How?
Hvilken? Which?
Når? When?

In expressions like "how many?", "how much?" and "how old?", the word "hvor" is used:
"Hvor mange?" "Hvor mye?" "Hvor gammel?"

The question word is placed at the beginning of the sentence, but remember, also in this case the verb has to be in front of the subject. Like this:

Hvor bor du?

= Where do you live?

So instead of saying literally "Where you live?" or "Where do you live?", in Norwegian you say: "Where live you?"