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Lesson 1 - 7

Don't always agree

It would be a pity if you always had to agree. That's why we have denying sentences. In English you normally add the words "do not / does not" to make a denying sentence. In Spanish, for instance, it's even easier, you just add "no" before the verb.

In Norwegian this word is used:


You put it right after the subject and the verb:

Jeg bor i Norge. = I live in Norway.
Jeg bor ikke i Norge. = I do not live in Norway.

Han snakker norsk. = He speaks Norwegian.
Han snakker ikke norsk. = He does not speak Norwegian.

You do the same in questions, but remember that the subject and the verb now have switched order:

Er de fra Norge? = Are they from Norway?
Er de ikke fra Norge? = Aren't they from Norway?