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Lesson 1 - Summary

Summary - Lesson 1

After each lesson we'll have an exam to make a kind of summary of what you've learnt.

In this first exam, you'll have to translate the conversation to Norwegian, typing the translations in the corresponding boxes. By clicking the "Svar" button, the answer will appear to the right. It's better is if you manage to translate everything without looking at the word list, but it's of course up to you, there's no teacher here to beat you up.

- Hi!

- Do you speak Norwegian?
Yes, I speak Norwegian.
- What's your name? (What are you called?)
My name is Ole. (I am called Ole.)
  And You?

- My name is Per.
Where are you from?
- I am from Norway.
  Do you live in Norway?

No, I don't live in Norway.
  I live in London.

- Goodbye!

There are totally 15 sentences to translate. If you have typed less than 12 of the sentences correctly you should try again. If you did everything well, or if you had only a few errors, you can congratulate yourself. You have passed the first lesson of the tutorial, and you are already able to write a conversation in Norwegian!

Click here to open the correctly translated sentences in a new window. You may print it and use it as a reference sheet.

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