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Lesson 2 - 5

Irregular nouns

Some nouns are irregular, which means that they don't follow the rules in table we made earlier in this lesson. This is a well known problem also in English, for example "men" and "women". In both of them the vowel changes in plural, and they don't get any -s in the end.

These are the most important irregular ones in Norwegian:
man en mann mannen menn mennene
tree et tre treet trær trærne
brother en bror broren brødre brødrene
sister ei søster søstera søstre søstrene

These should just be memorized, but if you don't bother doing that right now; you can write them down and take a look them when you need them.

Many nouns end with -er in Norwegian. These are always masculine (except "sister", of course), and their conjugation is slightly different in plural:
player en spiller spilleren spillere spillerne

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