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Lesson 3 - 3

Suddenly we need definite articles

You probably thought that definite articles aren't used in Norwegian, but when the noun is definite and there is an adjective in front of it, then you need it. In other words: You can't say "store husene", you need an article in front of it.

And the articles are:
  Singular Plural
Masculine /
den de
Neuter det de

The article is placed in front of the adjective. The example with the big house was so good that we can complete it. We use the suffixes from the table from the previous page (and since the adjective is next to the noun in these examples, we do add the definite suffix as well):
Et stort hus A big house  
Det store huset The big house Definite!
Store hus Big houses  
De store husene The big houses Definite!

This is called "double definition", because both the article and the suffix tell us that this noun is definite. And to repeat: double definition is used only when an adjective (or a numeral) is present, not otherwise.

Together, the article, the adjective and the noun form a so-called noun phrase.