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Lesson 3 - 4

Cleaning up

Too much information in short time, it's time to clean up the brain again. This table shows the definite articles and the suffixes you have to add to the adjective. The articles are in blue, and the suffixes in black (and the smileys, which represent the adjective, are in green, if you haven't noticed):

- den -e -e de -e
Neuter -t det -e -e de -e

So when you want to describe a noun, you first use these rules replacing the weird, little smiley with the adjective you prefer, and then you put the conjugated noun behind the whole bunch.

As we've already seen, adjectives can of course be written after a verb too, for instance "to be", like this:
Gutten er stor The boy is big
Huset er stort The house is big
Guttene er store The boys are big
Husene er store The houses are big

Actually, we could say that when a verb separates the noun and its adjective, you always treat the adjective as if it the noun were indefinite (first and third column of the adjective table), and no definite article is used in front of the noun neither.

If this is the first time you read this page, we know that all the adjective stuff is probably not completely clear yet. We therefore recommend you to go back a few pages and read over this information again before you proceed.

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