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Lesson 3 - Summary

Summary - Lesson 3

Another lesson has reached its end, and it's time for the summary. This one will probably be a bit difficult. Look at the noun table and the adjective table while doing this, and maybe you should re-read some of the pages before starting. Remember that some of the adjectives are irregular, so pay special attention to the page about this.

Per has many houses.

He lives in the red house.
Where is Tom's ball?
I have four nice watches.
The big man is ugly.
The girl is in the small tree.
Norway is a very nice country.
Arne and Kari are in a green car.
The twelve flowers are red.
Many days are nice.
Anita's clocks are not bad.
We see Petter's house.

This was not easy. The correct translations are here. The answers marked with * can be written in different ways.

Look over all the answers and compare them with the tables and what you've learned. Try to understand every single translation before ending this lesson. If there is something you absolutely don't understand, send us an e-mail, and we'll try to explain it.

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