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Lesson 4 - 7

More future

When the future is less controlled, and maybe a bit more uncertain, is expressed with the following formula:

kommer til + + main verb in infinitive

It might be a bit hard to distinguish these two types of future, so here you have a series of examples of the latter type:

It will rain tomorrow = Det kommer til regne i morgen.

You will love this fish. = Du kommer til elske denne fisken.

You will like the food. = Du kommer til like maten.

You will learn Norwegian very fast! = Du kommer til lre norsk veldig fort!

As you see, in the English translations, we have been using "going to" for the most controlled future, and "will" for the less controlled one. This doesn't always hold, but it works as a rule of thumb.

You'll be able to practice the two future constructions in the summary exam on the next page. But first, the observant reader must have noted the following: We have learned the verb "to love", but we still haven't learned how to say the most basic of all phrases: "I love you"! Ok, here it comes:

Jeg elsker deg!

Note the object form of "deg" (which would have been "du" in its subject form)... or just learn the phrase for now.


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