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Lesson 5 - 2

Verbal summary


Now we have learnt some ways to express time lexically. We also know the verbal present and future tenses. That leads us to the clearly most requested topic among the hundreds of user feedbacks to this tutorial: the past!

Sadly, the past tense is the hardest one. No, wait, let's reformulate that...: Luckily, the past tense is the most fun!

As we're used to, the start will be very soft. Actually, we're not even going to look at the past tense on this page. What we're going to do is summing up every single verb we have seen so far in this tutorial. Here they are, in their infinitive and present tense:

to be vre er
to speak / talk snakke snakker
to be called hete heter
to learn lre lrer
to live bo bor
to have ha har
to see / watch se ser
to walk / go g gr
to say si sier
to do gjre gjr
to eat spise spiser
to drink drikke drikker
to play spille spiller
to like like liker
to love elske elsker

Plus a few new ones:

to go (travel) dra drar
to ask sprre spr
to get / receive f fr
to buy kjpe kjper
to read lese leser

Then we have 20 verbs to play with.

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