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Lesson 5 - 3

Irregular past


It might seem weird to start with the verbs that are irregular in the past tense. But there is a reason for this. And the reason is that they are easier to learn because some of are very similar to the irregular verbs in English!

So, we'll list some irregular verbs below. Since the most frequent used verbs in a language tend to be irregular and all the verbs we have learnt are quite frequent, the irregular ones actually make up the half of the verbs we have seen so far. The verb tables will from now on have one more column; the rightmost one contains the past tense.


to be å være er var
to be called å hete heter het
to see / watch å se ser
to walk / go å gå går gikk
to say å si sier sa
to do å gjøre gjør gjorde
to drink å drikke drikker drakk
to go (travel) å dra drar dro
to ask å spørre spør spurte
to get / recieve å få får fikk

In order to remember these forms, try to link them to their English counterparts: var - was, så - saw, drakk - drank...

Memorize them and then click here to open a quiz.

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