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Lesson 5 - 5

The most regular past


...and this is what we can call the most regular verb group of them all, because this group is the most numerous one. These verbs take the suffix -te after we remove the last e from the infinitive form:

to learn lre lrer lrte
to eat spise spiser spiste
to play spille spiller spilte
to like like liker likte
to buy kjpe kjper kjpte
to read lese leser leste

So to sum up, we have to main types of past forms: regular and irregular. The regular ones can be divided into three groups:

  • -te
  • -et
  • -dde

There is no doubt that the past tense is the most difficult one in Norwegian.

We recommend that you spend some time learning what we have seen now, maybe even sleep in it. Then you can do this test (big font size because it's pretty hard).

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