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Lesson 6 - 2


If you thought thoroughly about the facts presented on the previous page, you might have noticed that the object forms of the pronouns in English don't appear only in the function of object, but also after prepositions:

  • to me (not "to I")
  • from us (not "from we")
  • between them (not "between they")
  • for her (not "for she")

This is the case in Norwegian too. So we should learn the prepositions now!

We have already seen several of them in this tutorial. Here is a more complete (but definitely not entirely complete) list:

in i
to til
from fra
over over
under under
between mellom
with med
without uten
in front of foran
behind bak

As stated, the pronouns take their object form after any of these, for instance:

  • til meg (to me)
  • fra oss (from us)
  • mellom dem (between them)
  • for henne (for her)

But a noun after a preposition stays the same:

  • i huset (in the house)
  • med den store ballen (with the big ball)


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