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Lesson 6 - 3

Pronoun and preposition practice

It's time for practicing the two things we have just seen.

First, translate the following sentences. Remember caps and punctuation, because that answer checking is pretty strict. Then keep clicking the button till you get them all right!

He loves her.

She loves me.
You (sg.) see him.
We see them.
They are with us.
I am behind you (pl.).

Now, let's try with the prepositions. This is a different game, but we have played it before. Here are the instructions anyway:

Click "Start" to start the quiz. An English preposition will appear in the upper textbox. Type the Norwegian translation in the box below, and click "OK". If your answer is correct, you'll score one point, if it's incorrect you'll lose one point. Then a new preposition will appear. You win the game if you manage to score 10 points. This time you lose if you at any time during the game fall down to -2 points. If you wish to start over again, click "Start".


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